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Membership with HHA vests an organization in participating in decision-making over HHA’s policy initiatives and leadership.  Currently, HHA’s members own and operate more than 29,000 rooms across the State.  Joining HHA as a member is fairly simple.  Prospective members need only email Kekoa McClellan at or our Administrative Director, Diane Kadomoto, at indicate their interest in membership.

We're excited to grow with you.

HHA has a consistent fee calculation for all members that is charged per property (for each hotel property covered by the membership), factored as a base fee of $500 and $9.50 per room over 50 rooms.

HHA bills Membership fees quarterly, prorating membership fees evenly over the four quarterly billing periods in a calendar year.  Fees are due on the first calendar day of each billing period for the respective billing period.


  • The quarterly per-property membership fee is calculated as:

       ($500 + ((TOTAL ROOMS-50)*$9.50))/4

  • For a member with a single 100 room hotel, the quarterly fee would be:

       ($500 + (100-50)*$9.50))/4 = $243.75

Mahalo again for being a part of the Hawaii Hotel Alliance.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with questions about membership.


(808) 921-6790


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