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Effective and Trusted Advocacy

The Hawai'i Hotel Alliance and our members provide a trusted and relevant voice to our county, state, and federal policymakers.  Through our partnership with the American Hotel and Lodging Association and their advocacy group at The American Hospitality Alliance, the Hawai'i Hotel Alliance engages key decision-makers with critical knowledge and valuable resources as they deal with issues of industry and community concern in real-time.  From cracking down on illegal short-term rentals to fighting for federal relief to put our hotel employees back to work, the Hawaii Hotel Alliance is dogmatic about advocating for good policies that promote the health of Hawaii's hotel industry and the communities that we serve.


Educating our

As ambassadors of Aloha and as stewards of our 'āina, and in sharing ho'okipa with our guests, the members of the Hawai'i Hotel Alliance expect the same respect from our guests in return - respect for our kama'āina, respect for our wahi pana (sacred spaces), and respect for the many people and cultures who share in calling Hawaii their home.  To this end, the Hawai'i Hotel Alliance and our members advocate for hotspot management plans that favor local presence over commercial activities, promote cultural and 'āina based volun-tourism opportunities of our guests, and support policies designed to attract and promote respectful tourism throughout Hawaii. 

Hawaii lava tourist. Tourists taking photo of flowing lava from Kilauea volcano around Haw


The most important asset of the Hawai'i Hotel Alliance are the men and women who work with our members and the island communities that we belong to and serve.  The Hawai'i Hotel Alliance seeks out and celebrates opportunities to engage our kama'āina, including:

  • Two-way communication with our member's and their teams

  • Presence in community conversations guiding the hotel industry's impact on Hawaii

  • Direct community investment through membership CSR programs and the Hawai'i Hotel Alliance

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